10 Christmas gift ideas for cyclists and bikepackers

Here’s a few ideas of inspiration for perfect presents for other bikepacking lovers, cyclists, cycle tourers etc. It’s all based on what we’ve enjoyed using over the last few years;

    1. Custom Sunglasses from Sungod – Renegades – It might not be the weather for them yet but great to wear for Christmas lunch.  If like me you break sunglasses regularly these are super strong and flexy and they have a lifetime guarantee, all at a decent price. If you can’t decide on a particular design for someone then these are great option for a Christmas gift as you can custom design for someone. Not a bad deal at all for the style and spec and mine have been a great fit and super pleased with the polarised lenses too making a big difference.  Click here to see more about designing a pair with Sungod
    2. AquaPure Filter Water Bottle – A way to drink from anywhere while out on adventures. We’ve used these bottles a bit. Not too cheap but they have proved to be effective at paying for themselves many times. A great way to reduce plastic bottles too as you don’t need to rely on bottled water in unreliable country’s tap water. We meet so many people just buying bottled water while touring. We are guilty of doing it too sometimes but these bottles help a lot to reduce that anywhere.
    3. Duo 700 lumen light from Lezyne – Front and rear light in one unit that clips on your helmet. I absolutely love this light because it’s so simply to fit, charge with micro USB and 100% bullet proof in wet conditions. I use it in daylight on winter road rides because the flash is super bright and a great safety feature. It is always thrown into my bikepacking bags for adventures too as a back up emergency option. At night the front light is bright enough to use off road too, although the rear flash and on a full power leaves you with only about an hour so use it carefully on full whack. Only low or flashing it lasts for hours and hours. Great present for a rider.  Click here to get at a good discounted price.
    4. Whisky Membership – A lot of our Scottish trips feature a bit of whisky at the end of a ride. The best place to get the best whisky surprisingly isn’t Tesco it’s the Scotch Whisky Society. These guys have range of memberships and products. Basically their whisky is a select cask that they then bottle under their own naming system. The whisky is from a famous distiller and a great chance to ensure you get the very best bottle from the experts. Click here for more info on their website

5. Apidura Food pouch – this is just a handy bag for snacks while you ride. A great size and useful extra space for bikepacking trips but mostly a great Haribo storage solution. Can still fit a spare tube under your haribo too.

Click here to see more info

6. Gore Windproof baggy Shorts – These have been a surprise hit for me. Full waterproof shorts can be sweaty and weird to wear all day due to fabric. These windproof shorts are great on a cold winter day, when it’s not constant rain, while not exact model these look good lightweight option for bikepackers. Click here for more info.



7. Moverlo Thermo Stormshield Bibshorts – I love these for winter riding. Even in rain they keep you warm and comfy. Eventually they get wet but do repel light rain. Most of all I can live in these for days (and i have) they are so well cut and fitted. The classic Morvelo funky designs help too! Get them here online

8. Lezyne GPS and light stem clamp. I like clever stuff and this is certainly smart design. Obviously only works if you use Lezyne stuff. I have the new GPS and their lights too.This just stays on the bike and totally declutters the handlebars. It also works to stop the bar bag flapping around at all. I’m pretty sure it is compatible with a Go Pro too on the mount so can be used for variety of things in various variations too.

If you don’t yet have a GPS device then get the new Lezyne Mega XL or Mega C. Both have crazy long battery life – the XL works for 48hrs and the new mapping feature is a huge leap forward for Lezyne GPS too. Just download an area of opensource maps and drag it onto the device and you’ve got paths, maps etc. ready to follow. Then with added sensors like cadence and heart rate and the phone link up too, which says who’s calling or texted so  you can just ignore them and keep riding! We will do a full review on these units soon as have tested them for a couple of months now but click here to see more info as a great xmas presents!

9. Findra Merino Neck Warmer – Marion’s suggestion and a favourite of hers for all trips. On offer too at Wiggle it seems…. Click here

10. Snow Peak Titanium Pans – The best investment we’ve made in term of usage. These pans have been with use to probably about 40 countries and still going storng. Strong than aluminium ones that bend and break in your bags these keep going. Also on teh link below the whole Snow peak range looks awesome. We also have Titanium sporks that have served use well over the years have a look here click here

Any thoughts or questions?

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