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  1. Dear Ed & Marion, I have just read your piece in cycleuk. Very inspiring thank you. I have just moved from London to Helensburgh with a two & four year old. Although I have cycled my whole life I have never done any touring/bike packing. My travels around the world have been on foot, public transport, van. The move North & an imminent divorce has focused my mind on traveling again. Cycling/camping in Scotland with my kids & longer touring/bike packing trips are back on the agenda.

    I am starting from scratch with the bike kit I need. Could you give me some pointers to what bike/s & kit I need to buy (I realise bikes are rare at present), the kit I need to bring the kids along.

    Any hints, advise, brands, websites etc would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards & thanks again


    • Hi Paul

      Sorry for slow reply. As with all kit questions it depends on budget! Also not sure what ages you mean but the best child trailers are from Thule and Burley and the models with suspension. These suit good gravel and tarmac routes. The advantages are you can load them up with gear and kids. If they are bored by a trailer try a front seat from Kids ride Shotgun and with this I would also advise a single wheel kit trailer like a Burley Coho and this gives more space.
      Otherwise if on their own bikes just some small bike packing bags from somewhere cheap like Altura or Alpkit. I would recommend Apidura for yourself as they are the best design but are expensive for kids. As for bikes it depends on the terrain you are riding and just so many options but something steel or aluminium rather than carbon and flat bars let you get more luggage in for off-road while drop bar gravel bikes are faster but still comfy. Kinesis Tripster AT is good all round adventure bike. Hope that helps.

Any thoughts or questions?

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