It seems Croatia has a very long coastline and tomorrow will be the last day before we arrive in Montenegro.

It has taken us about 10 days to pass through Croatia. The cycling has been good fun, tough and hot but rewarding.The views across the islands and countless old towns and forts were at times spectacular but others slightly depressing as the lack of planning and rapid development seems to have hit self destruction levels. That is the good thing about cycling you get to see it all the bad and the great.


The coast is approaching high season so lots of tourists but some awesome hidden fishing villages and scenic paths through vineyards overlooking the sea. There are more overweight Germans in speedos than I had anticipated, bbut we are coping. The campsites are also mainly huge holiday park ones that are not really our cup of tea nor our budget. We are super excited about Montenegro and Albania hopefully the mountains will be a good as the coast  has been. The temperatures have dropped back to low 30’s which is nice and hopefully lower in the mountains. It is a bit unnerving approaching countries I know nothing about, not even the currency in use!



Sadly our smartphone has died and it seems internet cafes with actual computers were a fad of the 00’s. Wifi is everywhere but we can’t use it so I will write up a report with pictures when I get the chance for each country we cross.

Any thoughts or questions?

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