Cycling East The Movie


Today I released the trailer for my Cycling East adventure. The trailer combines some time lapse sequences and a few bits of video that will make up the final movie. It was mostly shot as POV footage using a GoPro and some DSLR footage.
The final movie tells the story of the entire trip and should be about 10mins long.
I’m also really excited about the complete timelapse I have just finished editing. Basically I took a photo every hour or so throughout the bike ride. The resulting 1600+ images tell a great story of what it was like cycling to China and then in Nepal amd India!
I am keen to show the movies and talk about the experience at film festivals and other events across the UK so they won’t be on Youtube.

If anyone works for or knows an appropriate festival or event then I would love to present the movie and the trip:

Enjoy the trailer!

Any thoughts or questions?

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