The Northern Lights – Arctic Norway

We had never seen the northern lights nor even the southern lights in all our years of winter travel. Maybe a faint glow
on the horizon or the camera picks something faint up in Scotland and when we lived in Canada we got a text from a friend but missed them by seconds or slept through them.

Here we were 300 miles into the Artic Cirlce near Svensby in the Lyngen Alps of Norway. Such a stunning area to ski tour or splitboard read our blog here

At about 10.30 it was dark enough to see the first few stars so we ventured outside and waited, staring at the sky.

Then as we headed back on the road the sky started dancing, I rushed out with the camera only to realise I had lost my tripod mount! The picture’s a bit blurry but it was just about stopping and staring at the sky in the moment;

We knew a spot to the north that would offer open views of the sky in front of some beautiful mountains. On the drive up we had to stop again;

With the camera balanced the sky was alive with a band overhead and the lights falling like coloured water being sprinkled down above us. Being so far north the lights were above or even to the south, not a glow on the horizon but we were immersed with light falling all around.

Finally the lights appeared behind the amazing ridge of the Lyngen Alps, not as intense but the picture I hoped for set itself up:

Then another burst of light from the perfect clear starry sky. The moon was out illuminating the snowy peaks from in front. Perfect conditions, it was -9 degrees but worth the cold, the time was well past midnight.

Any thoughts or questions?

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