Comparing the best bike trailers for kids

With the recent mini addition to the WeLoveMountains team, the idea of bike trailers has become a very hot topic for us. We also realised there’s very little out there on the internet discussing and testing these trailers so it’s hard to know which one is best. They aren’t cheap either so you want to get it right. At this year’s Eurobike show we looked at the most rugged designs from;

Hamax, Nordic Cab, Croozer, Thule and Burley

For us we have identified a few key features;
1. Suspension to take the road feedback out
2. Reasonable weight
3. 20 inch wheels with option for wider tyres
4. Jogging wheel kit
5. Waterproof

I wandered around Eurobike discussing these latest models and new developments from the big brands out there.

Nordic Cab – Active 

I was super impressed with the Nordic Cab designs. As the picture shows the seats looked comfy and plush with independent spring suspension on the back wheels adding to a luxurious looking ride.

The seats recline the flattest of any of the trailers mentioned in this blog too. The entire trailer also folds impressively flat;

The weight is about middle for a trailer with brakes, suspension and accepting all accessories including skis. At 14kg for Explorer and 15kg for the Active model. Both in two seat versions. Despite this weight it was one of the less aerodynamic and bulkier looking designs, but we’d have to test it out to see how that impacts the ride.

The adjustable spring suspension design;


Hamax Outback One and Two
Another classy looking Norwegian company making kids trailers. Certainly the best looking of all the trailer designs. These are super stylish both outside with the most aerodynamic design and inside looks plush too.
They fold impressively flat for storage collapsing on top of itself smartly. It comes with all the accessories you could need like the jogging kit, baby sling and even converts to cargo/pet bike. The weight actualy felt very good too but the official 18.5kg for two seats puts it on the heavy end. UV clear plastic on the sides and top (so you can look down on child when pushing),  with a front mesh panel unzipped from the plastic rain cover, also at the back was mesh meaning air flow through the trailer so good ventilation and bug proof.

Potential issues could be that there’s no side ventilation for hot weather, the zips are not waterproof and relatively exposed without flaps over them, there is a waterproof cover available to solve this but I didn’t see this. Also I don’t think the seats recline like some others.

Simple spring suspension looks like it would do a good job with a simple effective park brake, apparently the jogger kit puts disc brake on the front wheel too;

Push to release wheels and a simple smooth hitch that flexes with the ride;

A surprisingly large storage boot at the back too makes this a really interesting option and you can see there is decent tyre clearance for fatter tyres;

Croozer Kid Plus for 1 or 2

Another smart design available in one or two seat options. It folds really flat with minimal hassle.

Their Air Cushion suspension looked unique and I was assured highly effective but would like to test it!

Really simple and easy system of clicking between the standard accessories of jogger, stroller and bike. The wheels use the same push to release that all these trailers use.


Decent tyre clearance for fatter options, but not the best. The weight was OK at 16.4kg for the two seat version.

Really good storage space at the back, and covered in reflectors or reflective trim too;

Thule Cross and Lite

The classic and probably industry standard has just evolved forward with the Chariot cross and lite range getting better ventilation on the front;

The clear front cover gets new easier clips that also aid ventilation as a feedback for their trailers was that they get too hot. They also are the only one with mesh sides under the waterproof covers.

Simple blue coding for all the movable parts makes usage even easier. They have a more compact fold now and the seats recline better. Adjustable leaf spring suspension has evolved over the years but the same basic principal too of a smooth dampening ride.
Huge rage of accessories for every activity as one of the oldest trailer ranges out there.

Burley – Solo, D’Lite and Cub

These are another set of highly accomplished trailers from the American company. All use spring based suspension that is adjustable. The Cub is built super tough with solid floor to resist damage and debris flying up on off-road routes.

All can fit stroller, jogger, cycling and ski attachments. Unsurprisingly the Burley D’Lite is about the lightest round at 12.9 kg for two seats.

No side mesh nor extra vents could be an issue in hotter parts of the world when compared to the Thule above. But decent looking water resistant zips helps you keep going without resorting to a full over cover to keep the rain out.

Sorry I seem to have lost my photos of the Burley trailers!


I really just wanted to draw attention to the key brands out there, it is so hard to review from just looking at the trailers at Eurbike, so I have noted the key features as pointed out to myself when visiting the brands. I also hope to get out and test in the field to see whcih really is the best.




  1. Good luck with your choice, we had a single seat Croozer that we bought second hand and sold on a few years later. It covered plenty of ground and we couldn’t have been happier.

    • Thanks it’s certainly good training towing one! We are currently using the Thule Chariot CX1 and it’s been very good. Keen to try out one or two of the others at some point as a comparison though.

    • Hi

      I think it does with the 6 in 1 being the one with 6 accessories, but can’t guarantee it! I personally would recommend the Thule Chariot over the Nordic cab.

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