The Kit for Cycling East

What are we taking for our cycling trip?

1. Camping Kit

  • From left to right, the smallest most comfortable sleeping mat from Karrimor at 300gm: Buy here
  • Sleeping bag is the Phantom 15 from Mountain Hardwear genuinely good to -10 in our experience, but weighs 950gms. It’s not cheap.
  • Tent from Terra Nova, 900gm Laser 1: It’s pretty cheap here:
  • There is my blow up pillow and pack towel from Quechua.
  • Our stove is the trusty and pretty unbeatable MSR Dragonfly: Go Outdoors
  • Finally is the Titanium stuff to match the Titanium bike!  The pan is from Snow Peaks and it’s outstanding. We have used and abused ours for almost a decade. It just doesn’t bend or wear like aluminium pans. Go Outdoors. The titanium Sporks seem excessive but have lasted us well and were a present from Mr Addy Pope, but you can pick them up at: Go Outdoors


Most of the clothing kit was selected by us from the outstanding Morvelo who are supporting us on this adventure. I will review their clothing in more details but needless to say I love it or I wouldn’t be wearing it for the next 3 months!

  • MTB Helmet, Summer Fox gloves, waterproof gloves.
  • Goretex paclite waterproof jacket in black bag
  • Micro fleece top, Zip off hiking trousers:
  • Pants & Socks x4 not shown as I feell they wouldn’t add to the image 🙂
  • Merino long sleeve thermal
  • Lightweight down sweater
  • Fleece backed lycra leg warmers
  • Morvelo eighty five cap
  • Morvelo Unity Bib shorts and Jersey  x2
  • Movelo green gillet
  • Morvelo T-Shirts for off the bike x2
  • Sun glasses



These are some medical and everyday bits of kit:

  • First aid kit: Bandages, anti septic, tape, scissors, plasterers, anti histamine, Ibuprofen.
  • Bio-soap and sun block.
  • Multi vitamins, rehydration salts and glucose and Anti biotics
  • Water filters from Aqua Pure and folding water bottle.
  • MSR Stove spares kit, spare RHINO LACES, the unbreakable laces!
  • Back up water treatment tablets and anti bacterial hand wash
  • Dental first aid kit
  • Spare sealed bags for food etc
  • Compass and spare front and back lights.
  • Money belt and bike padlock with cable not in picture



This is my bike spare parts:

  • Clothes pegs and sewing kit could have been in with other stuff!
  • Tyre levers and spare brake and gear cables
  • Trusted Topeak multitool
  • Spare RWD disc pads.
  • Spare chain links and assorted bolts for rack, chain rings, pannier clips and cleats.
  • Spare inner tubes and 3 patch kits
  • Chain oil, pump and zip ties. Gaffer tape is to be wrapped around the pump.



These are the electronics I will be taking, a few too many but that always is the case!

  • My big camera it Ortleib bag
  • Camera battery charger
  • Garmin e-Trex 30 GPS unit loaded with maps from
  • Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries and spare camera batteries
  • Rode DSLR Microphone
  • Purple pebble rechargeable power source
  • Ipod shuffle and headphones
  • Go Pro hero 2
  • Spare Canon prime 50mm lens and small IR remote
  • Solar Panel from Goal Zero with USB battery charger
  • Velbon, smooth pan head tripod

I will be taking 6 SD cards and USB OTG cable to link it all up!


Well I think that’s about it!

Any thoughts or questions?

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