Granite Design Rock Band Strap

Bikepacking is about clever ways of getting kit on our bike. I am a big fan of carrying the rubber stretchy Voile straps that can be used for variety of uses and always looking for new ideas and ways to change things.

However when I saw the Granite Rock band strap it seemed a simple, clever design and a useful addition to my bikepacking setup. As it turns out I have used it far more for mountain biking which to be fair is what it was designed for ! think! It basically has an inner strap that holds a tube, pump etc. securely then an outer strap that is rubberised and attaches around your frame/seatpost/bars etc. It just keeps space in your bags for other kit when bikepacking and it means I don’t need a backpack for my short rides on the mountain bike.

It ain’t rocket science but thought I’d share what is an effective, simple idea that I’m sure everyone would find useful! Have a look here!

Any thoughts or questions?

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