Cycling from Chamonix, France to Istanbul, Turkey

So only a few days to go until we cycle across Europe to Asia. Crossing 9 Countries (France, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey) and 9 language borders.

The route is about 3000km and we have 31 days. This is fixed as we fly out to Argentina on July 17th to go ski touring for 3 months. Therefore we have  to average 100km everyday, and probably a bit more after factoring in some rest days. It is not an epic challenge to cover every mile so we might get the train if struggling to make that!

Kit is almost ready, I am taking a Kona Jake the Snake cross bike, and I have created a pimped out CroMo framed hybrid type thing for Marion, still waiting on some brakes but it is looking sweet. We have manged to keep kit minimal so should be fast and light.

We are a bit interested to see what happens in Turkey and Istanbul…so far the situation seems OK, we still might detour to Athens if needed.Cycle Route

Any thoughts or questions?

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