Deciding on our next adventure

Life, like cycle touring is full of endless route decisions. While we might think we know the general direction, certain innocuous looking turns can make life changing differences. We have reached one such turning point, because after 1.5 years in Chamonix it feels like time to pack up our stuff and ship out. Like so many places before, I am sure we will miss living in Chamonix, it is stunningly beautiful, but it’s this very beauty, like so many other spots around the world that has been it’s downfall. Crowded, expensive and polluted it’s pushed us onto new pastures to graze on more exciting adventures! Like a good book we are just closing a chapter that hopefully leads onto the next even more captivating installment of the story!

It is always a big step to take when leaving the status quo, we are now unemployed, homeless and embarking on a new career direction and it all feels rather scary. The inevitable fear will always manifest itself as we wonder whether we’ll look back and regret this latest life change that we are undertaking.

We have already made one big decision to leave Chamonix but we still face the next T-junction with no signpost. Like any true cyclist facing this uncertainty there is only one thing I can do and that is to clear my head in the breeze and just go ride my bike! I have done this throughout my life, riding a bike is like therapy and more to the point prolongs the need to make any actual serious decisions!

This might all sound rather hypothetical but it’s pretty real, this summer we will set off on our bikes again. This time there is no flight booked, no end destination arranged we will just ride east from Suffolk in the UK. It might go as far as India, China, Kazakhstan or just to Georgia maybe. One thing is for sure I will visit some epic mountains and enjoy the ride to get there!

After enjoying 18 months of solid winter and despite the fun that that involves it is very much time for a long hot summer, with 3 deserts to cross I may regret saying that. We will live up to the name We Love Mountains on this trip because we will visit 5 major mountain ranges.

I will share more great pictures, stories and I am excited to be working with a few great brands testing some fantastic products. Full details of the trip will be announced officially in the next few weeks! Exciting times ahead for us mountain lovers!

Any thoughts or questions?

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