Some of my favourite pictures from winter 2012/13

The winter started early in December 2012, sadly our copious amounts of snowboarding gear were still in a boat from Canada, it had decided to go via Hong Kong, which seems to me to be the long way around to France (thanks Seven Seas). The solution was to buy a toboggan and start extreme tobogganing, this was a classic pow toboggan face shot!

Sledging pow shots

The snow just kept falling, this is the local Powdersaurus it hangs around outside Macdonalds (seriously it does). Then one day in the depths of winter it was gone, no foot prints nothing it had just left without a trace! I suspect it is the south of France living it up.

And still the snow kept falling, this is a walk to the supermarket along what is normally a busy highway. By the end of that day it was over a foot deep on the road.

The snow in November had confused the goat sheep, as I like to call them. This was during a hike when I found him standing posing for a picture. The horns and stocky muscle make them a little intimidating when they are just standing staring back at you!

Goat in the snow!!

Any thoughts or questions?

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