The Italian Alps – Splitboard adventures

A splitboarding holiday with two under 2 year olds might sound a recipe for disaster, but despite what felt like less sleep than was physically possible we found some good turns.

Bormio ski area is about 2.5 hours drive north from Bergamo Airport in the Italian Alps. The area is based around Bormio as an old town and pretty scenic place to visit. The overall resort is suited for more beginner/intermediate level skiers with limited off piste and no black runs. The higher altitude resort in the same area was Santa Caterina di Valfurva, a cold north facing slope that held snow well, located on the road to Gavia Pass – closed for winter but a good ski touring access point. We toured off the side of the snowy road to an old chapel and mountain refuge finding some turns in the deepest powder of the trip on day one;

A deep little gully run near Santa Caterina

After a day of orientating ourselves there were a good few off piste options in this smalll resort. With the mjority staying on piste this means fresh tracks for days or weeks.

To make the most of the daylight we had early starts. After a day scoping lines from the lifts of Trapelle (part of Livigno) we planned a dawn raid on Monte Castalletto at 2785m.

With four hours sleep it felt like I was the unfittest I’ve ever been, but the track up was crusiey and ridge windblown but caught the sunrise just as we reached the crest.

The steep last snow field to the summit was crusty, sugary at times adn occasiionally ice – all hard work. Boot packing seemed a good idea but seemed to take forever.

Finally at the first summit the snow was ice, I dug a snow hole and sat in it, Trev stopped a bit nearer the highest point an we both enjoyed a rest, watching the world in silence around us start to wake up. Then we rode down and dropped a few drops….

Toruing around Santa Caterina ski area was good tree skiing, tight but fun fresh powder weeks after the last snow;

Thanks to Trev Worsey for the ealry starts and the pictures of Ed looking rad(ish) (not like the vegetable)

Any thoughts or questions?

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