Istanbul, London, New York and Buenos Aries in 5 days


We have been travelling a lot. In 5 days we have visited 4 continents and 4 iconic cities.  We flew Istanbul to London after finishing our cycleride. We then swapped bikes for snowboards and warm clothes in London. For our 3 months of winter in South America. United airlines canceled our flight from New York to BA so we got a free hotel and visit to NY! This sounds good but United have to be the worst airline I have used and I have used a lot in fact 19 airlines (I was a bit bored waiting for the flights; British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Easyjet, Ryanair, Air New Zealand, Air Canada, KLM, United, Japan Ailines, ANA, Lufthansa, Thai Airlines, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Sky Airlines, Star Airlines, Tyax Air (floatplanes canada!), Gulf Air, FlyBE and LAN Argentina). Anyway our 3 months in South America to ski tour starts now. It is now winter and we are in Buenos Aires. The day before it was record breakingly hot in NY today there are spots of snow in the air. This is going to be fun.

Enjoying the sunshine in central BAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is Marion looking cold at Recoleta Cemetery in BA, this was a surprise find it is a mini city of tombs and mauseleums. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Any thoughts or questions?

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