Fun Splitboard touring on Glacier du Geant – Chamonix

Chamonix is the ultimate home for steep and big mountain riding. As with most resorts, the best terrain and snow is not normally directly lift accessed, a little bit of effort gives great rewards.  We enjoyed many low angle splitboard tours in the spectacular scenery. In this shot we were splitboarding up on Glacier du Geant. I don’t speak much French but I think that means giant glacier and it is huge, the biggest in France.

Touring across from Aguille du Midi to Italy

Glacier travel is a bit sketchy and freaks me aout a bit, but after a refresher course earlier this season we felt a bit more comfortable avoiding ice cliffs and hidden crevasses, as well as learning the best ways to extract people. Letting us concentrate more on searching for the perfect line back down.


We came across this old ice cave riding back down to Chamonix. Who knows what lurks in the icy depths under the Mer de Glace. I heard there was a Bond villain’s lair masquerading as a hydro electric plant. This is just a rumour discussed in hushed tones in the dark parts of town, like Cham Sud.

This was stopping for a spot of lunch with a cracking view of the Grand Jorasses. I look radiant in my Frenchie style striped thermals!P4230059