Riding bikes in Switzerland – A photo Journal

It’s easy to forget just how dramatic the roads in Switzerland are as it has been a wile since I was last here. The alps have so much character and charm and it’s great to be back here as we headed south across the Switzerland towards Zermatt last month. Switzerland’s renown all around the world as
an iconicly beautiful country and off season and Autumn is an ideal time to visit.

As I approached the first pass called Furka at over 2000 metres, the views weren’t bad with the first snow dusting of winter on the tops.


It’s important to look both directions sometimes we’re all guilty of missing the view behind;

The roads are quieter this time of year too as I took in Grimsel pass too just for fun!

Finally I arrived at Zermatt and borrowed mountain bikes with help from Zermatt Bike School to explore the trails in front of the majestic Matterhorn…only it was hidden in the cloud on day one. If you’ve not been to Zermatt in Summer or Winter it is worth a visit just to see the all electric vehicles. Cars are banned at the bottom of the valley and a train is the easiest way to access the resort town. In town all the taxi’s are electric humming about like it’s a kids TV show set!

The riding weather had a less futuristic and more Scottish feel if it wasn’t for the 1000m+ descents and views!


The next day I saw the Toblerone inspiration in the flesh; not a bad chunk of rock;

The riding started off well too, with so many glaciers in every direction.

The trails here are based mostly on hiking paths so can be technical or fast but all good fun and a challenge to the brakes with such a huge vertical height to play with.

This was the last descent of the day, we had used a combination or trains, lifts and cable cars to access the riding over the two afternoons. Lots of people were buzzing about on e-bikes so it will be interesting to see how they change the access to the trails here and across the alps in the coming years.

The sunset on interesting trip, with work commitments I didn’t get out riding as much as I’d like but I’ll be back to explore more next time.

Any thoughts or questions?

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