My favourite 12 pictures from 2016

2016 was pretty fun if rather busy, I traveled across Scotland, visited Georgia, Iceland, Spain, Tenerife, Tibet, China, Ireland and the Netherlands. Here’s a selection of my 12 favourite pictures, one for each month of the year.
This was from our New Year trip in 2015/2016 a great way to start the new year, we climbed up Ben Alder in snowy conditions and I love this picture of the wind blown edge:

February we headed to the Republic of Georgia to ride our split boards and explore some wild and remote corners of Svaneti:

March we were back in Scotland, but I crossed the border south a few times on the UK’s first Gravel race in Kielder Forest. The 200km Dirty Reiver was tough.

April involved a foray into the Cairngorms to do the mostly gravel based outer loop on the Tripster:

May saw Marion win the Tweedlove Glentress 7 at her first time entering. I finished 4th again! We also went up north in Scotland. I love this picture of the crazy clouds in Torridon as the evenings got longer we explored the highlands:

June we ventured even further north this was sunset on Stac Pollaidh looking north:untitled-7680_result

This was technically from August but a great trip to the Cairngorms with an old friend, again this was a few days bike packing but this time just a variation on the inner MTB loop:

In August we headed to Iceland, it lived up to its name at the Iceberg Lagoon and it was a great trip riding bikes fast and far:

September saw a bike packing trip to the Isle of Skye, a beautiful part of the UK I love the sunlight catching the road in this picture:

October was our adventure to China and then Tibet this was one of my favourites. I think it highlights how beautiful it was but alongside the trucks and dust:

November we were still in Tibet and here is another from the trip, it had to involve Yarchen Gar:

In December we wanted some warm sunshine and to include this shot from our trip to Tenerife, the sunsets there were amazing but the ride around Mt Teide at 3700m was really cool:

We have no plans for 2017 at all yet, so lets see what it brings…..Happy New Year!

Any thoughts or questions?

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