Tilt – A simple device that might save your life or will it?

Tilt is simply put a safety crash detection system and auto alert device for riders like us who venture out alone and often into remote places. It is a device that fits onto your front hub and uses bluetooth to connect with your phone. It monitors your riding via clever algorithms to detect impacts and behaviour consistent with a crash. It then sends a text with location details to the designated number you entered when it suspects a crash. It gets even more clever as it uses the Singletracker community to send messages to anyone in the immediate area so bikers can help other bikers out in trouble quickly. It is a small sleek unit that fits easy and stays on. Battery life seems good too. Altogether pretty hassle free to install and connect to the app. I cover a lot of miles on my own so this sounds like a good idea right?

However I have been using it a bit and I have a few issues with it……

Firstly it relies on phone signal to send a text when you’re not able to due to a debilitating crash. I ride in areas with no phone signal much of the time and that is probably when I’d need help the most, not a deal breaker for everyone but food for thought.

The singletracker community is apparently growing and is popular, especially in Denmark so the community feature works well there, but in Scotland not so much.

Personally I always use a separate GPS device to record my ride (and now navigate on Lezyne Mega XL GPS) because I don’t want to be running my phone battery down using bluetooth and GPS tracking. I want my phone to be fully charged in case I need to call for help. This device uses bluetooth which will mean my phone auto connects to all my devices and add drain to the phone battery – is this counter productive when I can’t send that text after a crash on a full day of riding?

Finally I have tried my hardest to fake very convincing crashes a number of times and it just never sent a text or did anything. Is it so clever it can analysis my fake crash attempts or is it simply not working? I have no idea and with no feedback, I can’t feel happy to rely on it. The app interface tells you the device is connected and shows the movement associated with the device. However it tells you nothing else. Is it actually working, how does it work, I don’t know, what is it doing if there’s no info?


A really clever idea and well slick designed item but unfortunately it’s not for me.

Any thoughts or questions?

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