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The Silk Road & Scotland 2018 Calendar Package

£18.00 £16.00

Buy both calendars for a bargain deal price of £18. They are in stock and shipping until the new year so grab an Christmas present to inspire someone for 2018!

If you want two of the same calendar please specify in the order notes, otherwise we will assume one of each is to be sent out under this offer.

The Calendars are all our own images from the last 2 years. They are printed locally in Scotland to help support local businesses but also to ensure the images came out as we wanted, we made a couple of late changes on final print run so wont exactly match the images here.

If you have already bought one calendar before and now want another one under this offer, then buy a single one and add a note and I'll refund the £6 difference on Paypal – I can't work out a better way to do it!