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Adventure Cycling The Silk Road 2018 Calendar


It’s finally here! After much deliberation we’ve selected 13 images and created our first ever WeLoveMountains Adventure Cycling The Silk Road 2018 calendar! Dedicated to bikepacking and gravel riding it features empty roads, big horizons and a few of the countries that make the region special.

We had so many pictures to whittle down to just 13 (Including the cover!)  so these are the lucky ones and we are super excited for you to see the images we’ve selected. We hope you love them!

The calendar is A4 image and A4 date page underneath, they are printed in limited numbers and here in Peebles, Scotland to help support local business.



For 2018 you have a choice of two amazing calendars from WeLoveMountains to hang on your wall and inspire some adventures! Scotland 2018 – shows our favourite images, surprisingly all from Scotland and mostly inspired by bikepacking but with some other adventures thrown in as a bonus.

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