What was Cycling East

Cycling East was our latest big adventure: In the summer of 2014 Ed and Marion woke up each day and headed east by bike. Llike all true adventures we started in the UK but had no defined end point, no timescale, no return flights booked nor any specific route to take. I’ll be honest we were a bit apprehensive as we’d never undertaken anything so unknown over the last decade we have been adventuring around the world. One certainty was that we shared lots of great photos and all of our experiences, thoughts and stories along the way. It ended up taking 24 installments:

Part 1: The start of something epic
right through to:
Part 24: The Grand Finale

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The Route
To live up to the We Love Mountains name we tried to visit as many great mountain rangesas we could. We visited the hills of Eastern Germany, struggled up the slopes of the Czech republic where ski lifts lurked among the forests. In Slovakia we detoured up into the magnificent High Tatras. The mountains of Transylvania were as fascinating as their evocative name suggests. Western Bulgaria’s mountains were stunning as we crossed the high passes towards the Black sea. In Turkey we detoured breifly into mountains to see vast monastery in the cliffs, but in Georgia we rode through mountainous Adjara and alongside the Caucasus into Azerbaijan. Next were the views over to the Pamirs, before the gigantic Tian Shan mountains in Kazakhstan. A flight took me into the heart of the Himalayas where the scale of climbing was another level!