• Darjeeling, India

    Cycling to Darjeeling was tough going, the hills are steep here.

    THe world famous hill train aka the toy train:


    We explored the Makubari tea plantation, home to the best tips in the world!


    Hard at work picking out stalks.

    Maintained the boiler that dries the tea.

    The nose that decides if it’s ready.

    The war memorial near Darjeeling

    Budhist monks chanting at sunrise on Tiger hill, views of Everest here too.


    Looking across the sprawling houses on the hillsides of Darjeeling at night


    Darjeeling’s fascinating night market


  • Cycling across Europe 2014

    In July 2014 we set off for China cycling via Istanbul and here’s a selection of pictures from that first section of the trip:

  • Mt Fitzroy and Cerro Torre – Patagonia in winter

    Photos from hiking around Mt Fitzroy in Argentinian Patagonia and then our trek to the southern Patagonian Icefield on the Chile Border!

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  • Exploring Bolivia’s Altiplano

    We toured from Chile across into Bolivia reaching 5000m on the barren altiplano.

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  • Torres del Paine – Patagonia in Winter

    We trekked a variation on the famous W trek in the winter. The trails were empty and the sun shone. It was one of the most memorable hiking experiences ever!
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  • Snowboarding in Chamonix

    After two full winters snowboarding in Chamonix here are a few of my favourite pictures:

  • Snowboarding Mt Blanc, Chamonix France

    In late spring 2014 we attempted to climb Mt Blanc by splitboard, It was a beautiful trip and here are some of our photographs

  • Snowboarding Chile’s Volcanos

    We rented a Wicked camper van in Chile and spent 6 weeks trying to climb and ski as many volcanoes as possible!

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  • Highlights from Cycling to Istanbul 2013

    Pictures from our 2013 cycle ride to Istanbul.

  • Chamonix in Black and White

    Chamonix’s dramatic mountains are perfect for black and white photography, here are a few of my favourite shots.

  • Sajama National Park, Bolovia



    We hitchhiked into the remote, beautiful and unforgettable Sajama park in Bolivia. Here are the photograph highlights: