Cycling East the Timelapse Movie is Here!!!

The wait is over for the first part of my Cycling East Movies! A film that showcases my handlebar view:

From the historic towns of Germany and the Czech Republic to the the mosques and beaches of Turkey, visiting the nomads and wild Stallions of Central Asia before climbing never ending mountains to witness stunning vistas and Buddhist temples in the Himalayas.

Footage is almost solely taken from the hourly pictures I snapped on my GoPro. Some of the duller parts have been cut out (sorry Germany!) but it’s pretty much the daily sights that I witnessed.
I also added pictures showing many of the fantastic local people who hosted me or supported me during this trip, so a huge thank you to everyone featured.

If you find it a bit dull then at least wait until 3.5 minutes in when the Nomad pictures and the 1980’s power ballads kick in! As always huge thanks to Kinesis Bikes, Morvelo Cycle Clothing and Apidura bags for supporting me on this trip.

Enjoy and hopefully feel inspired:

Any thoughts or questions?

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